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Glade (Gds, Lef And Def E ditor), is a freeware  IC layout editor from Peardrop Design Systems capable of reading GDS2, OASIS, LEF and DEF plus a few other formats. It can load and display large design databases with its fast, lightweight object-oriented database - for example load a 677,000 net / 482,000 special net / 1,210,000 instance LEF/DEF design in 880Mb memory in 72 seconds on a 3GHz PC. Or load a 1.5Gb GDS2 file in 40 seconds. Released now for over 10 years, Glade was the first free layout editor available for Windows. Glade uses the Qt cross-platform GUI toolkit for a modern GUI  and uses OpenGL for hardware accelerated graphics when available to give vastly superior display speeds compared to other layout editors, falling back to software rendering only if you do not have suitable hardware. Glade is extendable using Python scripting, allowing access to the database and gui via SWIG wrapping of C++ functions. 

Glade is currently bullt and available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X  and Solaris, so it will run on your laptop or office servers. It's not built for 32 bit Linux (apart from Ubuntu 14.04) as there seems to be little demand, but if  you need some other OS/version, send details via the forum or via (substitute quoted strings for equivalent letters) : support 'at' peardrop 'dot' co 'dot' uk. I still have VM's set up for older 32 bit linux builds. Red Hat 4 might be tricky as it' so old now and most of the Qt Gui will nt compile under it.

Because it's built on these platforms, it's also has regresion tests run on them. So you don't have to struggle with open source code that was written for Linux but might not might not compile or work properly  under your target platform, for some reason. One reason that things like Virtuoso are not open source.

Download the Windows 32 bit build (tested on Windows 7)  version 4.4.43

Download the Windows XP 32 bit build (tested on Windows XP)  version 4.4.43

Download the Windows 64 bit build (tested on Windows 7)  version 4.4.43

Download the Linux 64 bit build for RHEL5 (tested on CentOs 5.7)   version 4.4.42

Download the Linux 64 bit build for RHEL6 (tested on CentOs 6.4)   version 4.4.42

Download the Linux 64 bit build for Ubuntu (tested on Ubuntu 12.04)   version 4.4.42

Download the Linux 64 bit build for Ubuntu (tested on Ubuntu 14.04)  version 4.4.43

Download the Linux 32 bit build for Ubuntu (tested on Ubuntu 14.04)  version 4.4.42

Download the Solaris 32 bit build (tested on Solaris 2.8)   version 4.4.38

Download the Mac OS X 64 bit build (tested on OS X 10.10 aka Yosemite)   version 4.4.41


The Glade User Forum , which allows users to (anonymously) discuss bugs, enhancements and read the FAQs etc.  can be found here. Please do use this forum - you will get an answer to your question(s) in a day or so, you have to register to see the main contents of the forum - this is to protect from spammers only.

Bug reports - if you hit a bug or crash in Glade, let us know. We may well be able to fix it. What is needed is the stack trace (if displayed) and the log file, and better still some data that reproduces the problem or describes it accurately. No bug report == no fix!

A list of changes can be found here.

A preliminary user guide can be found here.

Glade was featured at DATE 2013 - download the PDF from here .

A mixed-signal design flow using freeware tools was presented at   ewme2014


A Windows build of spice3f5 with a Qt gui is available in 32 bit or 64 bit .



If you're looking for my diving web pages, they can be found here.


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