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 Development environment (0 Replies, Read 15248 times)
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Some people have asked what I use for a development environment.

Up until fairly recently, development was all done on a Dell T7400 with dual quad core X5472 Xeon cpus running at 3GHz, 36Gb FB DDR2 ECC memory at 1600MHz and 1TB disk (actually 3x320Mb striped).

Software was Windows 7 64 bit (SP1) and Visual Studio 13.0 professional. Additional development tools include Memory Validator, Performance Validator, Coverage Validator and Thread Validator from Software Verification Ltd. Python debugging is with ActiveState Komodo.

Version control is with Tortoise SVN for Windows.

Linux builds are on VMWare running on the above box, software building is done via Qt Creator / GCC (version dependent on Linux flavour). Debugging using GDB inside Qt Creator and Valgrind, although 99% of bugs are debugged on Windows as they are not platform specific, thanks to Qt and some care in portability. There are very few #ifdef <platform>'s in the code.

Mac OSX is done on a MacBook Pro with 2.6GHz quad core Core i7 that runs 8 threads, 16Gb 1600MHz DDR3 ram and a 512Gb SSD. Oh and a Retina display :). Software is again Qt Creator/XCode using the Clang compiler / LLDB debugger and Cocoa libraries. Currently only building 64 bit version for Mac. I'm liking the mac more and more as a development environment and its noticeable faster than the Windows monster (which still has its good points: it heats my office nicely).

Solaris is occasionally built on an old SunBlade. It's getting harder with every release of Qt to build, and takes forever, so it might get phased out in the near future.

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