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Change Log 2015

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Version 4.4.37 release on 04/01/2015

- bugfix: reads Cadence techfile with extra system layer numbers / purposes

Version 4.4.38 release on 30/1/2015

- bugfix: moving circles/arcs/allipses caused a crash

- enhancement: Query dialog can now change multiple instance master lib / cell / view, e.g. replace all selected instances of cellA with cellB.

- enhancement: non-editable fields of query dialog greyed out

Version 4.4.39 release on 06/02/2015

- bugfix: fixed crash if expanding cells with unbound instances

- bugfix: Various bugs fixed when trying to create instances in a second library whose master cellViews were in the first.

- enhancement: added a 'Create CellView' to the library browser (RMB on the library to see the popup of options)

- enhancement: improved the Cadence techfile parser. Creates layers defined in the GDS layermap file even if not in the techfile. Handles lines with pattern '_NA_'. Handles defaultPackets.

Version 4.4.40 release on 22/02/2015

- bugfix: round corners undo/redo was not implemented. This has now been done.

- hierarchy browser 'ascend' still treeated child cell as to cell for editing, even though top cell was displayed.

- Snap grid error messages were incorrect.

- Docs had dbObj and derived classes 'left/SetLeft, right/setRight, bottom/setBottom, top/setTop methods described differently from the geometry 'Rect'. These have been corrected. Mote that trying to set a bounding boc coord for a dbObj is only going to work for a rectangle object! All others will cause an exception as they are illogical.

- get/setXLo / xHi etc. methods for Rect object deprecated for Rect class. They still work, but please use left/right/top/bottom methods instead.The old methods will eventually be removed.

- bugfix: library browser 'Delete Library' option renamed 'Close Library' and a check is done for modified cells and the user give the option to save them. Libraries are NOT deleted by glade. If you really want to delete a library and all its cells, delete the library directory via your OS.

- fixed a bug in the chop cmd. Undo and redo work correctly now.

- fixed a bug in undo/redo in non-OpenGL mode.


Version 4.4.41 release on 01/03/2015

- enhancement: *.db files now included in Import GDS dialog, as Calibre writes GDS with .db extensions.

- enhancement: *.drc.results files now included in Import Calibre errors file, as Calibre now writes errors with this extension.

- bugfix: LSW 'Show Cell Layers' could sometimes cause a crash.

- bugfix: LSW 'Show Viewport Layers' could sometimes cause a crash.

- bugfix: fixed a bug in the reshape cmd for paths/polygons that could cause a crash.

- bugfix: fixed a grid error that could cause a crash in Edit->TiledBooleans.

- bugfix: fixed some more undo/redo bugs.

- enhancement: added shape * castToShape(dbObj *) function for python where results are dbObjs, but you want shapes....

- enhancement: cellView::dbRoundCorners() now returns the shape it has rounded, rather than a boolean. Fixed to improve regression testing.

- enhancement: Query dialog now shows the number of selected items. The next and previous buttons are greyed out if there are no more next or previous items in the selected set.

- bugfix: 'Close Library' only closes all cellViews associated with this library, not ones open from another library. It checks if any cells have been modified in the lib and prompts the user to save them.


Version 4.4.42 release on 15/03/2015

- Update to version 5.8 of LEF/DEF reader. 'new' constructs are currently silently ignored and hence will not be written back. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

- bugfix: LSW 'Make System Layers Visible' was not working.

- bugfix: outputting GDS2 from a cellView containing vias (e.g. fro LEF/DEF input) was not outputting the vias...

- bugfix: with two MDI windows open and tiled, the view level was getting reset switching between windows.


Version 4.4.43 release on 24/3/2015

- bugfix: fixed occasional crashes when using the lib browser to create libraries/cellViews...

- bugfix: there is a serialisation bug in a couple of Qt classes that means different binary data is written by QDataStream for Qt 4.8.x and 5.x. This means a Windows lib can't be read by a Linux/Mac machine and vice versa. To work around this until I have a better solution, there are two env vars you can use to get round this: GLADE_READ_48_LIBS allows a Windows machine to read a Linux Glade library, and GLADE_WRITE_48_LIBS allows a Linux machine to write libraries that have been written by a Windows machine. Of course, only use the former on Windows and the latter on Linux!

- bugfix: ui::compareCells could crash if given a bad layer number

- enhancement: Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit has been converted to Qt 5.4. Not without some pain! But this means its libraries will be fully compatible with current Windows versions without the need for the env vars as above. It is also planned to do the same conversion to 14.04 32 bit version. As for e.g. CentOs 6, that is next to be converted.


Version 4.4.44 release on 13/4/2015

- bugfix: Edit->Bindkeys was not working correctly.

- bugfix: Some library browser menu commands were incorrect.

- workaround: For OSX with a Retina display, OpenGL is automatically disabled until the scaling bug is resolved.

- enhancement: All versions except CentOS 5 have been converted to Qt 5.4. Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to build Qt5 on CentOS5...

- enhancement: It is now possible to re-read the same DEF file without a crash. The existing cellview created from the previous imported DEF is deleted (and its window closed if open) and a new cellview will be created.

- bugfix: fixed a bug where Edit->Layers->Create... and Delete... were not displaying their dialogs.


Version 4.4.45 release on 03/04/2015

- upgrade: Qt 5.4.1 on Mac OSX has Retina display bugs fixed thanks to a patch from the Qt folks, so now works fully under OpenGL.

- upgrade: Windows 32/64/xp versions upgraded to Qt 5.4.1.

- bugfix: Floorplan->Create Group did not delete groups.

- bugfx: Deleting a system layer is not allowed any more.

- bugfix: Editing bindkeys was not changing them.


Version 4.4.46 release on 15/05/2015

- enhancement: hierarcy browser can switch betweeen cell names ( the default) and inst names)

- enhancement: Mac version now has Window menu working correctly.


Version 4.4.47 release on 21/05/2015

- bugfix: Windows versions now find the distributed python libs etc. even if glade is started from the cmd window in some other directory.

- bugfix: some minor code errors that could cause a crash fixed.


Version 4.4.48 release on 30/05/2015

- bugfix: geomAllowedWidths() reported false errors

- enhancement: Option when exporting PINs in LEF to export shapes as seperate PORTs instead of the default, which is to output all shapes as a single PORT.


Version 4.4.49 release on 05/06/2015

- bugfix: CDL netlist flattener for LVS failed if global nets were declared

Version 4.4.50 release on 21/06/2015

- bugfix: circular holes created using boolean ops could sometimes miss a vertex.

- enhancement: cv.dbCreateCircle() and cv.dbCreateEllipse() now take a fourth argument which is the number of segments the circle is represented by, when converted to e.g. GDS2, OASIS, boolean ops, or drawing. Previously this was 128 - if the argument is not set, it defaults to 128.

- bugfix: vertical/horizontal flags in geom....() commands were incorrect.

- bugfix: multithreaded connectivity was turned off unless the GLADE_THREADED_EXTRACTION env var was set to the number of threads (i.e. logical cores available). Now, if this env var is not set, the maximum number of available cores will be used


Version 4.4.51 release on 29/06/2015

- patch fix for a bug in cellView::geomCreateHole()


Version 4.4.52 release on 19/07/2015

- fix for creating labels that could cause a crash.

- various other minor bugfixes.


Version 4.4.53 release on 06/09/2015

- Gravity to path centrline/outline made radio buttons as you can't have both.

- bugfix: Path bounding box fixed for non-manhattan paths.

- bugfix: running tiled boolean checks in non-threaded mode did not obey the operation code.

- bugfix: renaming a cell in the lib browser deleted the cell.


Version 4.4.54 release on 24/10/2015

- bugfix: modal paths in Oasis were using incorrect extensions

- bugfix: Chinese locale not working correctly


Version 4.4.55 release on 30/11/2015

- bugfix: various minor bugs

- creating an instance with 2 libraries open caused a crash


Version 4.4.56 release on 20/12/2015

- bugfix: geomNotch gave false errors on non-manhattan edges



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